A Day In Oxford

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday me and my family had a day exploring Oxford. I’d been wanting to go for a while after hearing people talk about how picturesque it is and I’d always wanted to see the different colleges within the university. 

I can definitley say that Oxford is on my list of my favourite places in the UK. It’s so pretty and the people are so polite and friendly. It was really cute watching all the tourists enjoying their time and it made me feel quite proud that people want to visit places like Oxford and come to the UK. We spent most of the day looking at all the colleges and the old buildings which were all gorgeous and I enjoyed learning more about their history. Of course as a self confessed shopaholic I had a little wander round the highstreet and have a little shopping time. In the end I only picked up some fairy lights (I don’t need any more, my obsession with them is getting out of hand…) and the cutest passport cover ever from Primark!

I would definitley like to visit Oxford again sometime soon and if you’re looking for places to go in the UK I can’t reccomend Oxford enough! 

Signed By Olivia xxx


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